20 Baby Boy Names That Have Fallen Off Of Everyone's Radar

This is the hardest part - picking a name!

Selecting the perfect name for your little boy will be one of the happiest and toughest moments during the pregnancy. Yes, organizing the nursery and making sure it is equipped with all the essentials mom will need for her little one and the first year of their life is important. But a name is not just a name. It holds way more meaning than that. So, picking a name that helps them grow into their personalities will give them a great head start. Especially if you already have in mind a career you’d like to groom them for.

Regardless of what your plans may be, picking a name that stands out and is different from your little one’s peers ought to be the focus. And the way to succeed at finding a name that will satisfy your want for an original name is to search for a name that is rare. Now, rare names do not mean dated. It just means names that they have fallen off everyone’s radar because other newer age names have stolen the shine.

But that’s okay. We’ve compiled a list of 20 rare baby boy names for you to browse through. Who knows, these names may not be rare anymore after it is reintroduced to you.

20 Jayce

Jayce is a great name for little boys because it sounds like a nickname in and of itself. Traditional boy names are still very much in style but names that set kids apart from each other are what parents are leaning more towards. It has a youthful sound to it which is perfect for baby boys. And this is a name that has timeless appeal. If you’re looking for original boy names, Jayce is definitely one of them.

Jayce has Greek origins and means healing. Though it is a great name, because it shy’s away from traditional baby boy names, it isn’t as popular as you’d probably think. Currently, Jayce is in the 100s of popular baby names. Some believe Jayce started off as an abbreviation for names like Jason.

19 Baxter

Baxter is a fun name that gives off the impression that the person wit this name is a bit of a braniac. It’s clad in intelligence and is original by nature. This may have a lot to do with the obvious yet cool X letter in the center. Just this inclusion appeals to parents who want to give their kids a name that stands out. Or at least give their little boy a name that he’s least likely to share with a classmate. X isn’t a letter found in many names, making Baxter perfect for parents who crave uniqueness.

Baxter has Anglo-Saxon and Scottish origins. It’s from the surname Baker which is an occupational surname. Baxter isn’t a name that is very new although it is rare. It has been on the popularity name lists from the 1880s until the 1920s, off and on.

18 Camden

This is a cool and timeless name for several reasons. First, it was originally a surname and we all know how popular using a surname as a first name is. And second, it is a place name. Camden has Scottish origins and means from the winding valley. The impression this name gives is that the person named this is prestigious and a real gentleman.

It’s a name that is common enough to be considered modern but rare enough to be considered a classic. Like many names that transitioned from being surnames to first names, Camden is a unisex name, but it is more popularly given to little boys. This name has been gaining popularity steadily since 1990. Currently, it is in the 100s position on the popular baby name charts.

17 Cassidy

Cassidy has a nice refined ring to it. It’s classy and a bit preppy but still cool all the same. There’s something about the double S in a name that adds youthful appeal. Cassidy was originally a surname which was derived from the surname O’Caiside with Irish origins. Here’s a shocker: this name doesn’t really have a meaning which is a bit uncommon.

While most surnames do have meanings, and are based on the type of trade those with that last name specialized in, unfortunately Cassidy isn’t one of them. There isn’t a well-documented meaning of the name, but many believe it means clever. After years of being low on the list, Cassidy is slowly moving up. It is currently in the 200s on the list of popular baby names.

16 Remy

You may look at this name and think it looks more like a nickname than anything else. You’re partially correct, but Remy on its own makes a cool name that is surely out of the box and unique. Remy has French, Latin and English origins. It is a shorten variation of Remington which is traditionally a surname. Remy means Oarsman and was the name of a fifth century saint.

With strong foundations and history like that, is it hard to believe that this name is slowly growing in popularity? The name entered the baby names popularity list in 2009 and has become a fast-rising name for little boys. Remy appeared in the Disney film Ratatoulle. Although it is rising in popularity, it is still not very common amongst little boys. Currently Remy is in the 400s on baby name lists.

15 West

West is one of those new age names that has a lot of modern appeal. It’s a place name and we know how popular they can be. West is also one of those names derived from a surname. Kanye West anyone? With English origins, this is a great name for parents who want to give their little ones’ names that are different from most but still recognizable enough so that pronunciation when read is simple.

The meaning of west is Western town. This is a very masculine name and is often given to little boys although years from now that can change. West is a very unique sounding name that isn’t very popular making it quite rare. The chances of you meeting more than one West in a years’ time is slim to none. Currently, West is in the 200s position on popular baby name lists.

14 Apollo

Strength exudes from a name like Apollo. It’s recognizable but it is rare to find a little boy named Apollo today. Apollo has Greek origins and means manly beauty. In Greek mythology, Apollo was the God of medicine and healing. He drove a fiery chariot, considered to be the sun, through the sky. So, there’s a clear picture of the type of person a young Apollo will grow up to be. Someone who is an innovator and head-turner without really trying.

Although it has a great sound to it, Apollo is not all that popular, but it is still a powerful name that is unforgettable. Currently, Apollo is in the 500s spot on baby name charts. But like most names, with enough attention this can change and who knows, Apollo may break the top 10 in 2018.

13 Shaw

If you’re looking for a name with a little edge, Shaw is a great pick. It’s different and rare since not many people are named Shaw. Plus it doesn’t sound dated at all. Shaw is a unisex name that has old English and Scottish origin. Though parents of both boys and girls tend to lean toward this name, Shaw is popularly given to little boys. The meaning of Shaw is wood. This name first appeared on the charts in 1965 at the number 1723 position.

Experienced astrologers believe this is a name that is best for baby boys born under an Aquarius moon. Shaw barely broke the 1000s position on recent baby charts. When we last checked, this name is sitting in the 5000s position on popular baby name charts.

12 Paxton

This is a cool name that is rarely found today. It has the attractive X letter at the center of the name spelling making it appealing even if a lot of people have forgotten about it. Paxton has Old English origins. Also known to be a unisex name, Paxton is more associated with being a little boy’s name. Paxton means peace town and was at the 203 spot on baby lists in 2016 and has gradually made its way up charts in recent years.

This name first made its appearance in the top 300 names for babies and has toggled between the 200s and 300s since then. It’s a very unique choice considering the other popular baby names on baby name lists. Unpopular names can become popular in a year’s time. It all comes down to how often it is seen. Before it gains popularity again, now is the time to consider it.

11 Ryder

Ryder is a fun name that is far from many traditional baby names. Even the spelling leans toward rebel qualities, ditching the I for the Y. Ryder is a transferred surname. It means cavalryman and messenger. This is the kind of name you go for when you want to think out of the box and choose a name your little one’s peers won’t share with him.

It’s diverse and eye-catching. With a name like Ryder there’s no doubt he’ll aspire to have more than a traditional life simply because his name is far from traditional which is a good thing. Ryder is currently in the 100s spot on popular baby names charts. This name first popped up on our radar after actress Kate Hudson chose the name for her son in 2004.

10 Dallas

The great thing about city names is that they are always on trend. Dallas here, is a name that is appealing but is also rare. The meaning of Dallas is simply, skilled. As mentioned it is a place name and has Irish origins. Though it’s a name that has been heard several times before, the drop in its popularity has made it a rare find today for little boys.

In 2016, Dallas was at the number 295 spot on the popular baby names list. Some view this name as a cowboy name since that is the image that comes to mind when you hear the name Dallas. This is one of the westerner names that stands the test of time and continues to be a pick amongst parents who discover it and want something cool and modern.

9 Maddox

Maddox is a memorable name to give a little boy when you’re looking for a name that will help him stand out like most parents search for. Maddox has English origins and was derived from the Welsh surname which means son of Madoc. What makes this name even more interesting is that there is history behind it. While other names are associated with nature or trades, the origins of Maddox run deep.

Historians believe that Madoc was a legendary Welsh prince. According to folklore, Madoc sailed to the New World some 300 years. It is documented that his voyage was done before Christopher Columbus. In 2017, this name appeared at number 143. Maddox as a name rose in popularity in 2003 when actress Angelina Jolie chose to name her son this.

8 Kingston

Here’s another place name that has regal appeal and that may not be as popular right now but is a great name anyway. Kingston has English origins and means King’s town, from the King’s village or estate ‘Kings field. ’Kingston landed in the number 132 spot on popular baby name lists and rose in popularity after singer Gwen Stefani and her husband named their son Kingston.

Like many baby names, this is how popularity is formed. This is traditionally a little boys name although you will find some little girls with this name but that is also rare. Kingston first made an appearance on baby name lists in 2006, the same year Gwen’s son was born and has since continued to rise in popularity but is still a rare name parents name their children.

7 Axel

When you see this name, there is no doubt you must do a double take. If there was a name that stood out on a page, Axel would be it. At first glance, you can tell that Axel has heavy masculine undertones. It has sharp syllables and is attention grabbing without really trying. Axel is a name that tends to be attractive to parents who themselves live out of the box. Parents who are bit more laid back in life and parenting will want this name for their little guy.

It has the appealing X letter in the name and it offers a short-spelling for easy recognition. Axel has German origins and means father of peace. This name landed in the 116 spot on baby name charts. Axel has a very heavy metal aura to it. Probably because of Guns N’ Roses’ Axel Rose.

6 Cole

Are you noticing a trend with many of the rare boy names? Cole is another one of those names that were originally a surname. Cole was derived from the Old English col or coal. It is of Greek and French origins and although it is not as popular as a lot of baby names on baby name lists, it still is a beautiful rare find today. Cole is currently in the 100s spot on the list of popular baby names.

This is probably because more and more parents are choosing to name their children untraditional names and Cole, although rare, has a traditional sound to it. This name is often given to little boys, but it would be hard to find many boys named Cole today. Cole saw its peek in popularity in the 1990s.

5 Quinn

Quinn is a name that also has traditional origins and was originally a surname. Though you may not be able to tell at first glance, Quinn has strong leader undertones. With Irish origins, Quinn began as the surname O’Quinn. The meaning of this name is descendant of Conn, chief leader. It also means wisdom, reason and intelligence. Like many boy names today, Quinn is considered to be a unisex name. But it is truly more popular for little boys.

Like most of the names on this list, Quinn is a great sounding name that isn’t as popular as it once was. Quinn is a name that is simple and not a showstopper, but it is memorable just forgotten. This is what makes this name rare. Currently, Quinn appears in the 300s on popular baby name lists.

4 Romeo

This is a name that is familiar. So, it may shock you to see it on the list as one of the rarest baby boy names today. Everyone knows and loves the name Romeo. What is there not to love about it? It’s the name from one of the most popular Shakespeare plays and Romeo just has a beautiful romantic vibe to it that makes Romeo already loveable before he is even met.

Romeo has Latin origins and as mentioned was made famous by Shakespeare when it appeared in his play Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is not as popular as it once was in the 80s. Back then, you could bank on meeting at least two or three Romeos that year. Today, the name is currently in the 300s spot on popular baby name lists.

3 Juelz

This is one of those new age names that were popular at one time but has since fallen in popularity. But the fall in popularity does not affect its beauty or its chances of climbing the charts once again. Juelz was the most popular in 2012. The meaning of the name is unknown. It is labeled as a modern invented name. Meaning it is a play on a name that is more common.

This is usually done by parents who love the sound of a name but prefer to change the spelling to make the name standout from others with the same name. That modern invented name gets on the radar of others and before you know it, the name makes it on baby name charts. Many believe this name was derived from the name Jules which means youthful. Currently, Julez ranks in the 900s-1000s on popular baby name charts.

2 Amare

Amare is a beautiful name that is rare today to find. It’s easy to pronounce and has rich history and origins. Amare originated in Ethiopia. This name also has Latin origins. The meaning of Amare is God said. Other meanings are handsome and good looking. Speaking of good looking, like the other names mentioned, the name Amare is nice to read. The way Amare rolls off the tongue makes it memorable and a name that you can easily forget.

Like many of the names on this list, this name is a great choice for parents who want to give their little boys a name that defines who they are and that allows them to have a name that differs from their peers. Amare appeared at number 979 on popular baby names list last year. It was its most popular in 2011.

1 Marley

This is probably one of the most beautiful, original but rarest names to give little boys. Marley is a unisex name but is most popularly given to little boys. This name has English origins and means pleasant wood. Today it falls in the 705 spot on popular baby name charts. It’s slowly rising in rank though. The more parents discover the name, the more in love they fall for it.

Marley first appeared in the 12th century from the Old English “Marten.” A marten is an animal that lives in the forest. Combine that with “leah” which means wood clearing and you have Marley. This name grew in popularity because around the time it started to climb up charts, parents were looking for something different from the norm. Though Marley found popularity toward the end of the 20th century, the name was arguably influenced by the late reggae artist Bob Marley.


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