20 Girl Names That Will Make The Best Girlfriends

Sometimes, when parents are dreaming about the birth of their little girl, they can't help but dream about her future.

Sometimes, when parents are dreaming about the birth of their little girl, they can't help but dream about her future. And for others — fathers, especially — they don't want to think about when their little princess will start dating.

But a good girlfriend is often also a great person. She is sweet and kind, funny and fun to be with. A good girlfriend is first a great friend, someone her partner can rely on and who is virtuous and true. She is companionable and devoted. Parents would be lucky to have any of these qualities in their child, and finding a name that suits her can be a difficult task.

But just as love is all around, so are ideas for amazing baby names that capture the spirit of the best girlfriends. We have found inspiration in love stories and in name meanings, as well as in myths and legends. Some of our names are exotic and feminine, and others are unisex and sweet. We've done our best to provide a possibility for every baby naming style, and we bet there are a few that any parent would want to add to their list.

Here are 20 girl names that will make the best girlfriends.

20 Amica — Girlfriend

There are some names that literally mean girlfriend, and one of our favorites is Amica. It’s not that popular in the United States (and of course, that is a perk in and of itself). But it is more notable in Italy, the place of its origin. We love the lilting Latin sound, especially the “a” ending. And the name literally means “female friend” — you know, girlfriend.

Italians, of course, are legendary for their love affairs. They are romantic and loving, so a name that evokes that tradition is definitely something that would help in the date department. Amica has all the charm and grace of hot names today like Olivia and Amelia but with a flavor that stands on its own. The emphasis on this name is on friend, and that means Amica will be a true companion to all, and that is a great thing to want in a little girl.

19 Samira – Great Date

Samira is another sweet choice for a girl that will be an awesome girlfriend. In fact, the meaning of the name really stands out for this category. The name, which is Arabic, means “companion in evening conversation.” That sounds perfect for date night, right?

Exotic and beautiful, the name sounds like something that could come from a number of different cultures, but it also has become more widely known. There was a French feminist and activist by that name and a Morrocan singer. For those in the United States, the most popular person with that name might be Samira Wiley, who starred in “Orange Is The New Black.” And of course her character was also an incredible friend, so that is just the icing on the cake. Samira is definitely the kind of girl who would be sweet and kind and love to talk for hours in the moonlight — definitely great girlfriend material.

18 Dakota — Friendly One

This next name is a unisex pick that was more traditionally given to boys, especially in the ‘90s. But these days, the trend is to use just this kind of name for a girl, and with a great meaning, we think it would be great for a cool girlfriend. The name is Dakota, and it’s a place name, which is also right on trend. But the Dakotas got their name from the Native Americans who settled in that region. The name is Sioux for “friendly one.”

There are a number of people who have use the name for their kids, including Rosie O’Donnell. The most famous might be the actress Dakota Fanning. And we all know how much she has achieved. We’re certain she’s enjoying the dating scene these days, and we are sure that she’s an awesome girlfriend, especially with a name like hers. Oh, and there is also Dakota Johnson, the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith who is proving her girlfriend appeal in the Fifty Shades movies.

17 Agatha — Good Woman

There are a ton of different naming styles that parents have these days, and we have a great girlfriend name for each of them. This time, we’re tackling the grandma chic style that has given a resurgence to names that fell out of favor for a couple of generations but bounced back for millennial parents. For someone who likes something that conjures up images of doilies and lace, we think that Agatha is a great girlfriend name bound for a rebound.

Agatha means “good woman,” and that is a description that anyone would want for their partner in life. We’re not sure if the meaning has anything to do with this, but the name has always brought out the image of an upstanding, virtuous woman who is dependable and loving. Agatha is the patron saint of firefighters and nurses, and we can’t help but think of the queen of murder mysteries, Agatha Christie. Agatha is a more popular choice in England, and it hasn’t really registered here in about 80 years, but of course that makes it primed for a return for parents looking for a name for a girl who will be a great girlfriend.

16 Eve — Made For Him

There are a lot of classic couples that could be used for inspiration on this, and we will mention a few along the way. But our first pick has to be Eve, the first woman who, according to the Bible, was made to be the perfect companion for the first man. Eve means "life," but we believe that the story rather than the meaning is what defines why the name goes to girls who will make the best girlfriends.

Eve wasn't just made for man — according to the book of Genesis, she was made from a part of man. She was formed from Adam's rib, and she was the first girlfriend ever, as far as the Bible is concerned. Of course, there are many variations for Eve, including the trendy versions of Ava, Evelyn or Avery. But for those who are looking for Biblical names, which is definitely a trend that has last for generations, we think that the original girlfriend is a superb choice.

15 Phoebe — More Than Just Friends

To be a good girlfriend, it's important to know how to be a good friend, so this name choice is inspired by the television legend of that name. But Phoebe isn't just one of our favorite characters from "Friends;" there is more to the choice. The name is Greek, and it means "radiant, shining one." It's also the name of a mythological Titan, who was a daughter of the sky and the earth and the grandmother of Apollo and Artemis. That's a powerful and interesting background for a girl who is more than just friends.

The name also follows the vintage trend, as it was more popular at the turn of the century before dropping out of favor around World War II. Of course, the show "Friends" brought it back into the American lexicon a couple of decades ago. And it's also just a pretty and poetic pick for a girl who is a great girlfriend.

14 Carys — A Loving Gesture

For parents who want their daughters to be great girlfriends (albeit a few decades after their birth), it's certainly worth looking into names that mean love. We have a few favorites from various languages, and one on the top of our list is fairly common in Wales but less known in the United States — Carys. The name, pronounced Ca-Riss, not Care-iss, made it known on this side of the Atlantic after Welsh-born actress Catherine Zeta Jones used it for her daughter with husband Michael Douglas, although it's still very low on the name popularity list, which is appealing.

The name not only means "love," but it also sounds like something a sweet girlfriend would share with her beau, a "caress." A little Carys would definitely have her parents' hearts as a youngster and the boys will love her when she grows up. The name is sweet and simple while also being unusual and meaningful, definitely great for an amazing girlfriend.

13 Bellamy — A Fine Friend

There are a lot of "Bella" names around these days, mostly because it's a gorgeous nickname that can go with a number of even more amazing names. From Isabella to Annabella to Arabella, even Elizabella, Christabella or Clarabella, the choices seem endless and they all evoke the romance of "Beauty and the Beast" or "Twilight." But we've got another choice that is less common but even more apt for a great girlfriend — Bellamy.

An English twist on a French name, Bellamy means "fine friend," and it's a little less ultra feminine. In fact, the name is considered unisex, which puts a check mark on another trend of today. It sounds like a surname, which is even better, and it's familiar but fairly unknown. We think that the most famous Bellamy might be Bellamy Young, an actress playing the president on "Scandal." But that's just about it. We think that any boyfriend would be proud to have a Bellamy on his arm.

12 Milena — Warmth And Grace

We have another name on our list that means love, but it also has a few other meanings as well. Milena is a name that originated in Czech, although it's pretty popular in a number of Slavic countries. In addition to "love," it also means "warmth" and "grace," which are amazing qualities in a girlfriend, for sure. The name is exotic and unusual enough to appeal to boyfriends too.

The name cracked the top 1000 less than a decade ago, and we think that might be because of the sex appeal, which is evident in many Eastern European names and other exotic choices. It doesn't hurt that it's also the official name of Mila Kunis, the actress and wife of Ashton Kutcher. We all have #relationshipgoals with Mila and Ashton, so her name definitely gives the good girlfriend vibes, and it would be great for a little girl bound to be the best.

11 Valentina — His Funny Valentine

A girl named Valentina will always be ready to share her love, and that's why we think that is a great name choice for a parent who wants a daughter who will be a great girlfriend. The name meaning isn't about love, as one would expect. Instead, it bears the positive traits of "strength" and "health" in its definition.

But it's a feminine twist on Saint Valentine, who is heralded every February 14. There are many legends about the saint, who was likely a priest in Rome. One of our favorite tales is that he defied the order of the emperor to continue marrying couples. The emperor had stopped the practice in order to keep men single so they could be drafted as soldiers, but Valentine believed in love. The feminine version is more common in Latin cultures, but it's not uncommon and it has cute options for nicknames like Tina and Val. We think that a little Valentina will be sweet and ardent, and those are definitely traits of a good girlfriend.

10 Guinevere — Legendary Lover

Our next name is from the spate of most amazing couples in history and legend. Guinevere was the wife of King Arthur and shared all the noble traits of the legendary Camelot. But she was also the lover of Lancelot, a knight of the roundtable. The story is tragic but filled with passion and emotion, and even though Arthur is betrayed, the story is definitely one of love in many forms.

Guinevere isn't exactly a vintage pick, but it certainly has a long history. Names like Gwyneth have been on the rise, and Guinevere shares the same nickname of Gwin. The Welsh name is beautiful and striking, as we imagine any little girl who bears the name would be. She would be full of honor and passion, and a wonderful woman for any boyfriend would be lucky to call his girlfriend. Guinevere is a legend in terms of love, that is for certain.

9 Lennon — Sweetheart

Most people may think that a great girlfriend always have to have a flowery, feminine name. But unisex names — or even boy names for girls — are a top trend these days. That's why this next name is one of our favorites on this list. Lennon totally fits that bill, and it also has a wonderful meaning. It's Irish and means "sweetheart" or "lover." And the alternate spelling "Lennan," which is closer to the original Irish, has been used more for boys but is another great possibility.

The name also evokes thoughts of John Lennon, who was known for his lyrics and activism supporting love and peace. These days, Lennon Stella has made a name for herself as an uber-talented singer and actress, starring on "Nashville" with her sister and singing partner Maisy. We think that a girl named Lennon is talented, fun-loving and oh so sweet, so she would definitely make a wonderful girlfriend.

8 Esme — Beloved

All babies are beloved, but there are a few that have a name that means that. Esme is one of our favorites with that sweet meaning. It's a name that grows well with a girl, from cute for a toddler to feminine and beautiful for a grown woman. There are two ways to pronounce the name, which has roots in French and Persian. Many use the pronunciation of "ez-me," while others put a more exotic flair with "ez-may."

Interestingly, the name was originally used for boys, including a member of the Scottish royal family. But it's moved squarely into the feminine side in recent years. The name is very popular in the United Kingdom, at No. 35 in England. It's risen in popularity in the U.S. but flattened out well below the top 500, which makes it unusual and special for a girl who is loved now and will be loved even more when she meets her perfect mate. A little Esme is sweet and cherished, and will make a great girlfriend.

7 Chloe — Love In Bloom

The name Chloe is one of the more popular ones today. That's because it's so cute and also because of the strong history and meaning behind it. And that is why we put it on this list. We think it will be a name for a great girlfriend.

Chloe was an alternate name for the Greek goddess Demeter. She was the goddess of agriculture and fertility, which means that she represents the springtime, when the flowers bloom and love is in the air. One of the most famous bearers of the name spells it differently, but there is no denying that Khloe Kardashian is a great girlfriend. She stuck by Lamar even after their relationship was over because he needed her, and all indications are that she is wonderfully supportive of her current beau Tristan Thompson, even willing to give birth to their baby in Cleveland because that is where he will be for his NBA team. Undoubtedly, Chloes make the best girlfriends.

6 Juliet — Devoted Youth

One of the most famous girlfriends in literature is a tragic figure from a William Shakespeare play. Of course, we are talking about Juliet, Romeo's paramour. Of course, Juliet had some negative qualities. She was an impulsive teenager who was melodramatic and not great at problem solving. But she really loved hard and well. She showed amazing devotion and passion, and she stuck with her partner to the very end. Shakespeare's Juliet may have been the most devoted and true girlfriend of all time.

Juliet means "youthful," and the name evokes romance and grace. It's shortened form "Julie" was really popular a couple of decades ago, but Juliet is a vintage yet modern twist to that. We believe that a little Juliet has spunk and smarts, and of course she has a full and open heart. Those are amazing qualities in a girlfriend, and we think that a Juliet is going to be one of the best.

5 Honor — Woman Of Virtue

Virtue names are a big trend these days, so we wanted to pick one out of that bunch. There are a few that would fit the bill, although Cherish seemed a little too on the nose for us. Instead, we went with Honor, which is a big name to live up to but also an amazing virtue to hold in life. A girl with that name will carry herself differently, understanding what honor is from a young age.

This name has been used for centuries, but it became more known after Jessica Alba used it for her oldest daughter. There are some variations that would work well, such as Honora, but another favorite is to flip the letters around and go for Norah, which means "woman of honor." There is no higher aspiration for a girl — or girlfriend — and we believe that just about every bearer of that name tends to live up to that virtue.

4 Darcy — A Love Story

One of the most loved romance writers a few centuries ago was Jane Austen, and her stories have a bevy of great names that could be the name of someone who makes a great girlfriend. Classics like Elizabeth and Jane and Lydia and Emma are featured in Austen's best novels, and any of those would make great names for a baby girl, but we had something more unusual in mind for the best girlfriend — Darcy.

This baby name is great because it brings to mind the amazing and unexpected romance of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. The name meets the trend of using surnames and choosing a unisex name. Plus, it's an unusual but not unknown pick. And while the relationship didn't start off on great footing, the couple is one of the most romantic pairs from literature and certainly the name of one of the best girlfriends of this century.

3 Cornelia — Revered Woman

There are lots of women in history that are incredible role models for girls. Many of them have the amazing qualities that not only make great girlfriends but also wonderful people. That is why we have added this pick to the list. Cornelia, as a name, doesn't have the most poetic meaning — it means "horn" — but one of the most revered women in the Roman empire bore that name.

Cornelia Minor (so-called because she had an older sister known as Cornelia Major) was the daughter of a politician, had a happy marriage and a number of children before she was widowed. She was known as a virtuous woman, and a statue was erected in her honor after her death. Her name lives on, although it has dropped off of the popularity list about 80 years ago, which makes it ripe for a resurgence. With great nicknames like Cory, Lia and Nell, the name is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman that is a role model we all could emulate.

2 Rose — Love's Bouquet

We had to include at least one nature name in this collection, so that we hit every naming style. There are many that match the description of a lovely girlfriend, but we're going to go with the most well-known mark of love — Rose. It's a gorgeous flower and a beautiful name for a wonderful little girl.

Rose has been a mainstay for baby names for centuries, although it wasn't as popular the past couple of generations. That makes it a great vintage choice ready for a comeback. Of course, there is at least one Rose that we can think of from an amazing love story, and the ending of "Titanic" wasn't as tragic as "Romeo and Juliet," so this one might have a leg up on the competition. There are also many beautiful variations of the name, such as Rosa, and compound names such as Rosemary. This is one of the most beautiful picks in the bouquet, and we are certain a little Rose would grow up and make a great girlfriend.

1 Wendy — A Sweet Friend

According to at least one story, not many girls were named Wendy before "Peter Pan." Author J.M. Barrie chose the name because it sounded like a kid saying "fwendy," as in "friendy." In fact, a girl used to call him that in his childhood. The little girl in the play was definitely a sweet friend to Peter, and even gave him his first kiss and taught him that it's OK to grow up if you have people that love you along the way.

That Wendy was definitely the perfect first girlfriend for Peter, and we think that Wendys in general are the best. Others agreed, and the name definitely became part of the American naming tradition, becoming popular from World War II through the 1970s. It's dipped in the past couple of decades, but that just means that it is an unusual, vintage pick these days. And definitely a perfect choice for a great girlfriend.

Sources: Nameberry

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