24 Perfect Baby Names Your Best Friend Will Try To Steal

When mom and dad choose a name, it's a gift that will last their baby a lifetime.

When a mom chooses a name for her brand-new baby boy or baby girl, she is giving him or her a gift that will last a lifetime. That is why it is important for a mom to choose the perfect name for her child that they will grow to love a much as she does.

When picking a name, it is a good idea for a mom to also know the meaning of the name and its origin. Although, that does not always matter because, at times, we fall in love with a specific name the first time we hear it. When that happens, we instantaneously know that it is the perfect name for our child. It just sounds perfect with the way it just smoothly rolls off of our tongue, and it also looks perfect and appealing when we see it written or if we write it out ourselves. A mom's child will thank her when they grow up for picking out an amazingly beautiful name for them, and that is a something a mom should be proud of.

It doesn't matter if you are having a little boy or a little girl because we have compiled a list of 12 perfect girl’s names and 12 perfect boy’s names that even your best friend will want to steal from you. So, don’t be surprised if your best friend gets pregnant and you both have children with the same name! Just remind her that you came up with the perfect name first!

24 Mia

Mia is the perfect name for any strong little girl to have. It is of Latin origin and means "wished-for child" and "rebellion.” It is very popular in both Spanish and non-Spanish cultures. It is beautiful, sweet, and right to the point. It's the kind of name that mom's baby girl will easily be able to learn how to spell very easily. Mia's have this deep desire to use the abilities and things they are capable of to achieve leadership. They also use their abilities to achieve independence.

In other words, Mia's typically grow up to be very successful, strong, and independent women. They don't need to rely on anyone but herself because she is able to achieve anything she puts her mind to. They welcome change, are easily excitable, and love adventure - they definitely are not bland or boring females. Mia's tend to see the brighter things in life which help with their success in life. They are able to make friends easily and usually full of energy.

23 Lily

Lily is a very beautiful and delicate name for any sweet baby girl. It is of Greek, Hebrew, American, Latin, and English origins. The English and Latin meaning of this name is like “the flower lily” and also “pure.” The flower lily also happens to be the symbol of innocence, purity, and beauty. Girls with this name have a deep-rooted desire to serve humanity and to help give to others in need by sharing their knowledge, money, and experience.

They are blessed with the wonderful gifts of being artistic and creative. Lily’s are a powerful force to the people whose lives they touch in an inspirational and caring way. They value justice, truth, and discipline and does not get along very well with others who do not share their same values. They sometimes tend to have high expectations.

22 Madison

Madison is a good name to give a gorgeous and talented little girl. It is of Greek, American, and English origins. It means “Gift of God” and “strong fighter.” Madison’s are strong willed and want to be able to understand the world around them and the people in it. They analyze things and people to gain knowledge of deeper truths. They are very creative women and have this amazing ability to express themselves.

Madison’s tends to be optimistic and live their lives to the fullest they can. They love to be the center of attention and dream of being in careers where they can be in the limelight. They love to take on new things and challenges. Their only downfall is that they can sometimes become a bit reckless with their finances because they love to shop and have the best of everything.

21 Kaylee

Kaylee is a sweet and playful name that originates from Greek, American, and English. It means “pure” but in English, it can also mean “keeper of the keys.” So, this baby girl will be ahead of most of the world because she most likely will never have to worry about losing her keys. It could also mean that she has a gift for being helping to find others keys. That can definitely be helpful to any busy mom.

Kaylee’s love to inspire other people, especially if it is for a great cause that they truly believe in. Mom’s precious little girl will love to share her own personal views on anything and everything but is even more interested in sharing their views regarding spirituality. Kaylee’s tend to love adventure and excitement, especially if it can help benefit their own personal growth as young women. They are also very intelligent, optimistic, they make friends easily. However, they can be a bit restless because they usually have high energy.

20 Kylie

When moms decide to give their daughter the stunning name Kylie, they grow up to be strong and successful women. It is of Gaelic, American, and Australian origins. Kylie is the feminine version of Kyle. That would make the perfect names for a brother and sister. Kylie has a desire to be adventurous and to be able to travel the world. They want to break free from tradition and set their own pace in life.

Kylie’s obtain great power and wealth, just like Kylie Jenner, they are competent and practical. They are typically very successful business women. They are able to achieve great things and get the material things that they desire. They have a very strong focus on business and achievement. The only downfall would be that they sometimes neglect their private life and relationships due to their strong focus on business. They set high expectations and goals for themselves. Kylie’s tend to like to make a name for themselves – they want to be their own person without to follow in someone else’s footsteps.

19 Layla

Layla is the perfect name for any sweet little girl. It is of Sanskrit, Egyptian, Persian, and Muslim origins. It means “born at night,” and the additional meaning of this beautiful name is “sweetheart” in Muslim. Layla’s tend to have a strong desire to give and receive love and compassion. They have huge dreams of wanting to work with others to achieve peace and harmony - which they tend to yearn for.

They want balance and harmony in their everyday life. Layla’s get moved very easily over the beautiful things that life has to offer. They are all around good girls, and they make friends very easily. Everyone will see their sweet side and just feel like they have to get to know her better. They tend to be very helpful and can be perfect daughters, friends, and when they get older - girlfriends.

18 Ariana

Ariana’s tend to be go-getters. They know what they want out of life and are not afraid to put in hard work to get what they want. It is of Greek, Latin, American, and Welsh origins. It means “Holy One,” but in Latin, it also has a meaning of “Holy mythological Ariadne.” But in Welsh, it can also mean “silver.” Girls with the name Ariana can express themselves in amazing ways through their creativity. They don’t mind speaking in public, and they love anything that has to do with acting, singing, writing, dancing or anything else that lets them be creative.

They love to be surrounded by beautiful things whether it is at home, in school, or eventually at work. Ariana’s can usually achieve great power and wealth in the future when they put their mind to it. They tend to be very smart and competent. They are also usually good at achieving the material and non-material things that they desire the most, and part of that is due to the fact that they make excellent businesswomen. Although, since they tend to get wrapped up in their business goals, the sometimes let their private affairs slack.

17 Skylar

Skylar is the perfect name for any mom who wants their daughter to become a great leader. It is of English and American origins, and it happens to be the phonetic - and more popular - spelling of Schuyler. Baby girls who are given this name grow up to have this burning desire to use the abilities and strengths of leading others and to have more freedom and independence. They prefer to focus on issues that are important to them.

Skylar's are motivated by adventure, change, and excitement. They are versatile and tend to be very dynamic. However, they are also not too fond of authority and rules which is due to their love of feeling independent. They are optimistic, have lots of energy to the point where they tend to feel restless if they are not busy doing something. Skylar’s can be quite rebellious at times. They are easy to get along with and can make friends with almost anyone rater easy.

16 Nevaeh

Nevaeh is a gorgeous name for any little girl to carry with her for life. It is of English origin, and is the backward spelling of “heaven.” It is a contemporary name that was invented in 2001, and it has gained quite a lot of popularity in such a short amount of time and is still very popular today. Some moms have also altered the spelling and used “Neveah” instead. It is a very beautiful name regardless of how a mom chooses to spell it.

Nevaeh would be a reminder, to any mom, that she was able to get her very own slice of heaven. As of this year, 2018, just 17 years after it was created, it ranks in at number 86 on the popularity charts. That may not seem very impressive, but when you think about the thousands upon thousands of baby names available to choose from that have been documented, being at 86 is still an amazing spot.

15 Hailey

Hailey is an adorable name for a mom to give her baby girl. Her daughter will definitely grow up to love this name. It can also be spelled as Hailie, like Eminem’s daughter. We think the “Y” at the end of it makes it looks even more precious, but whatever way it is spelled, it will still look good as well. It is of English origin. Hailey is a variation of the surname Hayley, which is derived from Hale or Hales that means, “residing in a nook, recess, or remote valley.”

It is also after the place named Hailey, in Oxfordshire, and is composed of the Old English words for “hay field.” Hailey has risen 26 points to number 39 on the name popularity charts since 2017 when it was at number 65. That is a pretty amazing improvement in the two months since 2017 ended.

14 Ally

In Celtic origin, Ally means noble which interprets into harmony, stone, and noble. It was also the name of a saint and it was brought back to Britain during the Norman Conquest and remained popular until the middle ages. It was revived in the 19th Century. In French, American, and English origins, it refers to the 13th Century meaning of nobility. This name has also become extremely popular in Scotland.

Ally’s make great leaders and strive for personal independence. They also like to focus on popular, yet important issues. They are okay with change and love to do anything that may seem adventurous and they are also easily excitable. They can sometimes rebel if they feel something or someone is trying to take away their independence. Ally’s can also tend to be quite messy, especially when they are younger - they don’t really like chores but will do them when mom has asked a few times. They also make friends easily.

13 Serenity

The name Serenity is very beautiful and a little different. Serenity is of English and French origins. It has the peaceful meanings of “serene” and “calm.” The word serenity is defined as - “the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.” We think that would be the perfect name for a baby girl. This name, during the hippie era, was derived from the adjective “serenity” which meant “peace and grace.”

If mom would choose Serenity as the perfect name for her little one, her baby girl would be a joy to be around at all times. As she grows and starts making friends, she would be able to become friends with anyone and people would love to be around her. She would be the type of girl who would try their hardest not to judge anyone.

12 Silas

Silas is a name for any handsome little boy. It is not entirely common, so it would be great for moms who want a normal sounding name that is not overused. This name is of Biblical, American, English and Latin origin. It means “three or third,” “forest or woods,” and “God of forest and woods.” Boys with this name will love the outdoors, and they are also not followers - they tend to be leaders.

They prefer to be independent and pride themselves on their independence and are proud of their many capabilities. Silas’s appreciate harmony and balance in their lives. They respond positively to beautiful things and that also includes the beautiful things in their everyday lives. They are also appreciative of nature and may also like to go camping and hiking.

11 Xavier

Xavier is just a beautiful and popular name for a good-looking boy. It is of Basque, Spanish, American, and Arabic origins. It means “owns a new house” and “bright.” Boys with this name desire a loving family, stability, and a close-knit community. They have a great need to be with others and to feel appreciated. They are very bright and great at analyzing things, understanding things, and learning.

They can sometimes get lost in their own mind which can make them, at times, lean more toward being quiet and being more of an introvert. Boy’s with the name Xavier make excellent teachers, mystics, philosophers, and scholars. When problems or issues arise, they are capable of seeing the bigger picture of things. Even though they are usually introverts, they can make the best of friends and are trustworthy and reliable.

10 Wyatt

This name is gaining a lot of popularity, even to some celebrities who have used this name for their own son. Wyatt is of English, American, and French origins. It holds the meaning of “guide.” This is the perfect name for a little boy who will grow up to use their abilities to become a great leader. He will grow up to be independent and will never be a “follower” who needs to rely on others to achieve what he wants and need out of life.

Wyatt’s are able to focus very well on any issue that is deemed as important. They are very practical and competent. They usually gain great power, wealth, and success in business and commercial affairs. They can also reach the goal of gaining any material item that they could possibly ever want. Their only downfall is that since they are very business oriented, they sometimes tend to put business before their personal life.

9 Mason

Mason is of English, American, French, and Teutonic origin and it means “stone worker” and “worker in stone.” They have a very deep inner need for quiet and they also desire to be able to understand the world that they live in. They want to be able to know the deepest truths about the world and the people they encounter in it. They are also deep thinkers who sometimes get lost in their own thoughts.

Masons have a good head on their shoulders. When they apply themselves, they are able to achieve great power amazing wealth. They tend to be competent in everything that they do. They are able to get the great materialistic things that they want the most and then some. They can accidentally let their personal life lag while they focus on their business life.

8 Jayden

Jayden is a spelling, and more popular, a variation of Jaden. It is of American and Hebrew origins. It means “Jehovah has heard” and it is also a biblical name. Jayden’s tend to crave a stable and loving family as well as a great community of support. They love working with others and feeling needed and appreciated. They are excellent learners and they also tend to understand things easily.

They are great at analyzing people and can even see them for their true colors and motives. They can also analyze and understand world events with ease. When an issue arises, they are able to see the bigger picture and are able to see things from everyone else's point of view as well as their own. Since they are very wise and excellent learners, they can make amazing teachers that children and their colleagues would respect.

7 Wade

Wade is a little bit of a different kind of boy’s name that does not get used very often. They usually grow up to be handsome young men. It is of Anglo-Saxon and American origins. It means “moving” which is most likely why boys named Wade are usually on the go and always feel the need to move around physical – in other words, they hate staying still. They love to be in stable and loving families. They love discovering and finding beautiful things - that tend to be on the more expensive side.

They respond very well to positivity which also helps to motivate them, not that they need any extra motivation. They dream of harmony and balance within their personal lives. Which is something most of us desire. Wade’s do make friends easily but also tend to run with the popular types of crowds and they are very masculine.

6 Tristan

Tristan is of American, Arthurian Legend, Latin, Celtic, English, and French origins. It means “full of sorrow” - even though boys with this name are quite the opposite - it also means “outcry” and “noisy.” They can be great independent leaders who are able to delegate the details of important issues. They are idealistic and very creative and imaginative. They are usually spiritual individuals as well.

Tristan’s like to seek out the truth in their everyday life and from the people that they come into contact with. They dislike being lied to, and usually always find out when people are lying to them. Tristan’s are highly inspirational to the people they know and they people the meet. If they fail to develop their full potential, they tend to become dreamers and sometimes will misuse their power. That usually never happens, however, they are very successful as boys and men.

5 Christian

Christian has become a very popular name since the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy came out, and almost every woman is all about Christian Grey. It is of Greek, American, English, Danish, and Latin origins. It means “follower of Christ” and “believer.” Boys named Christian can become great leaders who do not like to follow others. They rather be who they are and who they want to be. They also crave independence.

Guys named Christian are able to focus on important issues and causes. They like to stay well informed. They tend to be very artistic, imaginative, and creative. They also tend to be very intuitive. They often seek spiritual truth and usually end up finding it. Boys with this name are good visionaries and are inspirations to those who know him, and even to those who don’t know him.

4 Ryan

Ryan’s are of Greek, American, and Irish origins. It means “kingly” and “little king.” They try to lead others whether it is for good or bad. They are very independent and like to do things their own way and on their own. They tend to be able to understand issues that matter to them the most. They are a powerful force in other people's lives that. They are capable of being charismatic and often tend to come off as being very charming. Ryan’s usually turn into a lady’s man.

They like to take on large projects and they tend to succeed at what they do more often than fail. Unfortunately, they can sometimes become quick tempered when people do not listen to them or take them seriously. However, at times - and not very often, if they fail at what they are trying to accomplish they can become impractical and rigid.

3 Brayden

Brayden is of English, American, and Irish origin and it means “broad hillside.” They love to be in a family that is stable, loving, and caring. They are usually the happiest when they live somewhere that has a very accepting community. They have a desire to work with others, when that happens he will feel great and on top of the world - especially if the people he works with by telling him how much they appreciate him.

Brayden’s feel their best when things in their life feel balanced and in sync - when everything is in harmony. They feel positive when they get see the beauty in life that this world has to offer them. They are sweet and caring individuals that almost no one would ever be able to say anything bad or negative about them.

2 Jayson

Jayson is the spelling variation to the name “Jason” and is of Biblical and American origin. It means “he who cures.” They perform their best when things are quiet and peaceful. They want to be able to understand the world and everything - and everyone - in it. Jayson’s tend to seek out the truth in everything that surrounds them. They do not mind change and will sometimes even welcomes it because they are very adaptable in new situations.

Jayson’s love adventure and experiencing new things. Even though they do like the quiet, they still love excitement and feeling excited. They are very versatile and handy to have around. If mom needs something fixed, there is no doubt that Jayson will be able to fix it. He isn’t crazy about following rules if they make him feel restricted. Jayson’s do tend to be unorganized at times. They are very intelligent and will do well in school, and when he is old enough to join the workforce. Jaysons usually always see the glass as being half full.

1 Caleb

Caleb is of Biblical, American, and Hebrew origins. This name stands for “dog” which gets interpreted into meaning bold and being able to stand out in a crowd full of people. They enjoy being in a loving and close stable family. They love to be able to help other people with anything he can, as long as he knows that the people he helped appreciate him and the help he offered to them.

While Caleb’s don’t mind change since they are able to adapt but if it will help them or will benefit them somehow, then he will definitely be happy about that - even if it takes him out of his stability and comfort zone. If Caleb’s start to feel unstable, underappreciated, or unloved, they can become quite rebellious. They are also energetic and can get along with most people.


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